Instagram Reels - How Does Instagram Pay for Reels

Instagram Reels: How Does Instagram Pay for Reels?

As social media continues to evolve, Instagram stands at the forefront of this revolution, creating innovative ways for content creators to interact with their audience and monetise their efforts. One such groundbreaking feature is Instagram Reels – short, creative videos that have become the platform’s answer to TikTok. However, many users and creators wonder, “How does Instagram pay for Reels?” This article delves into the exciting and profitable universe of Instagram Reels, shedding light on how Instagram rewards creators for their ingenuity.

Instagram’s Bonanza: The Reels Play Bonus

Instagram introduced Reels & the Reels Play Bonus to encourage and incentivise creators to make more engaging content. It is a part of the broader Instagram Bonus Program, aimed at paying creators for their stellar content on the platform. Through this program, Instagram pays creators based on the performance of their Reels. The better the performance (i.e., views), the higher the potential earnings, thus cultivating a creative and rewarding ecosystem.

How to qualify for the Reels Play Bonus

Instagram has set specific eligibility criteria for the Reels Play Bonus to maintain high-quality content and ensure the program benefits genuine creators. Creators must meet the program’s threshold for followers, abide by Instagram’s community guidelines, and produce original content. Notably, the program is invite-only, sending invitations to creators with the potential to create engaging and popular content.

Estimating Earnings from Reels

The potential to earn from Instagram Reels is based on various factors, including the number of plays your Reel gets and where your audience is based. Instagram’s exact formula for calculating payouts isn’t public knowledge, but popular and well-engaged content can lead to substantial earnings. To check possible earnings, creators can go to their professional dashboard, select ‘Bonuses’ and then ‘See Potential Earnings.’

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Building Trust and Consistency with Instagram

Instagram’s introduction of the Reels Play Bonus is a powerful testament to the platform’s commitment to its creators. By rewarding content loved and enjoyed by the community, Instagram is ensuring a more robust and engaged platform. Creators can take heart in knowing their efforts will be rewarded, creating a sense of trust and stability.

Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Reels:

How do I become eligible for Instagram’s Reels Play Bonus?

The Reels Play Bonus program is invite-only. However, creators can increase their chances of receiving an invitation by consistently producing high-quality, original content and growing their audience. Make sure also to follow Instagram’s community guidelines.

Are there any limits to how much I can earn from Instagram Reels?

There’s no publicised upper limit to how much you can earn from Instagram Reels. Your earnings generally depend on your Reels’ performance – more views can lead to higher earnings.

Can anyone create Instagram Reels?

Yes, anyone with an Instagram account can create Reels. However, the option to earn from the Reels Play Bonus program is currently limited to creators who receive an invitation.

Can I monetise all my Instagram Reels?

Upon receiving an invitation to the Reels Play Bonus program, you can earn from your new Reels. However, earnings do not apply retroactively to Reels created before joining the program.

Is there a minimum payout for the Reels Play Bonus?

Instagram does not currently specify a minimum payout for the Reels Play Bonus. However, the payout varies based on your Reels’ performance and your audience’s region.

How much does Instagram pay for 1 Reel?

The amount Instagram pays for one Reel is not publicly disclosed. Payments are part of Instagram’s Reels Play Bonus program, and the amounts vary based on various factors, including the number of views a Reel gets, the engagement it receives, and where your audience is located.

How many followers do you need on Instagram Reels to get paid?

To be eligible for earning ad revenue on Instagram Reels, you need to meet specific criteria: at least 10,000 followers, a minimum of five Reels videos, and 600,000 minutes of viewership over the last 60 days. It means that while you can make content and engage on Instagram Reels with fewer followers, meeting these benchmarks is necessary to monetise your content through ad revenue. You can buy Instagram views for your reels to meet the minimum requirement of viewership.
These requirements underscore the importance of having a significant following and actively creating content that keeps your audience engaged and viewing your Reels for extended periods. So, in addition to building your follower base, concentrate on creating high-quality, compelling Reels videos that will attract views and retain viewers’ attention.

Do you get paid for Reels on Instagram?

Yes, you can get paid to create Reels on Instagram through the Reels Play Bonus program. This program, however, is invite-only. Invitations are sent out to creators who consistently produce high-quality and engaging content.

How many views do you need on Reels to get paid?

Instagram does not specify the minimum number of views necessary to get paid for Reels. The earning potential from Instagram’s Reels Play Bonus program is based mainly on your Reels performance, including views and engagement. More views generally mean more potential earnings.

How do I get paid for Reels?

You first need to be invited to join the Reels Play Bonus program to get paid for Reels. Once you’ve been invited and accepted, you can start earning from your new Reels. You can track your potential earnings by navigating to your professional dashboard’s ‘Bonuses’ section. Payments are made through Facebook’s payment system. It’s also important to note that earnings do not apply retroactively to Reels made before joining the program.

Bonus Tip: You can easily buy Instagram followers and views to fulfil the minimum requirements on Instagram to become eligible for Reels earning and a verification badge.


In conclusion, Instagram Reels offer a fantastic opportunity for creators to monetise their creativity and reach. As Instagram continues to fine-tune its algorithms and payment systems, the potential for making a substantial income from Instagram Reels will likely only grow. So, dive in, experiment with your content, and tap into the power of Instagram Reels!

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