How to Transfer Followers from Instagram to Threads

How to Transfer Followers from Instagram to Threads

Are you wondering how to transfer followers from Instagram to Threads in Australia? You’re not alone! Many of us Aussies who’ve joined Threads are eager to get our mates from Instagram to follow us on this new platform.

We’ll break down how this transfer process works and clear up some common misunderstandings, ensuring you can smoothly transition your crew from Instagram to your new Threads account.

What’s Threads and Why Are Aussies Joining?

Threads is a new social media platform with 137 million users that’s getting heaps of attention, especially from folks who are already big on Instagram. It’s like a close-knit community where you can share more personal content with your closest mates.

Think of Threads as your own backyard barbecue but online – a place where you can be more yourself, sharing the day-to-day yarns and moments with a select group. It’s catching on in Australia because we love our tight-knit communities, and Threads offers just that in the digital world. It’s less about racking up likes and more about genuine connections, which we Aussies value.

Transferring Followers: What You Can and Can’t Do

When it comes to how to transfer followers from Instagram to Threads, there’s a bit to unpack. While the app lets you bring over your Insta details, it’s not as straightforward with your followers. You see, in the social media world, followers are a bit like your mates at a footy match – you can invite them along, but they’ve got to decide to come by themselves.

The key takeaway? You can lead your followers to Threads, but you can’t make them join. It’s all about giving them a good reason to make the switch.

For Those Who Buy Instagram Followers

For those who’ve opted to buy followers for Instagram as a shortcut, transitioning to Threads might feel like a fresh start. Remember, these real & active bought followers won’t automatically transfer to Threads.

On this new platform, your growth should be about forming real connections or investing in buying thread followers and sharing content that genuinely engages you. It’s a chance to move away from the numbers game and focus on what truly matters in social media – authentic interactions, purchasing real & active followers and sharing parts of your life with people who really want to see it.

How to Get Your Followers to Join You on Threads

Getting your Instagram followers over to Threads is a bit like convincing your mates to try a new surf spot. You’ve got to sell it! Share some posts on Instagram about the cool stuff you’re doing on Threads.

Maybe it’s more personal, behind-the-scenes content, or exclusive chats – whatever makes your Threads account unique. It’s about showing the value of joining you on this new platform.

Remember, a good old Aussie charm and a bit of creativity can go a long way here!

How can you use IG Likes to boost your Threads account?

Now, if you’re looking to give your Threads following a bit of a nudge, consider checking out IG Likes.

Known as one of the premier sites to buy Thread followers in Australia, IG Likes offers a simple, step-by-step guide on how you can increase your thread followers by using this site.

  1. Visit the Website: Jump onto IG Likes and look for their services that cater specifically to Threads. They’ve got tailored options for those looking to grow their presence in the Australian Threads community.
  2. Choose Your Plan: Whether you’re after a small boost to kick things off or a larger push to get your Threads buzzing, IG Likes has a range of packages to suit your needs. Pick a plan that aligns with your goals and budget.
  3. Provide Account Details: You’ll need to give your Threads account details, but rest easy – IG Likes respects your privacy and security, so you won’t need to hand over any sensitive information like passwords.
  4. Watch Your Following Grow: After you’ve made your choice and completed your purchase, IG Likes get to work. They’ll start funnelling real, active Australian followers to your Threads account, helping you establish a solid base on the platform.
  5. Engage with Your New Followers: As your follower count increases, make sure to keep engaging with your audience. Authentic interactions are key to maintaining a lively and interactive Threads community.

IG Likes can give your Threads account a significant advantage, especially in the early stages. It’s a straightforward and effective strategy to bolster your presence and ensure your content gets the attention it deserves in the Aussie Threads scene.

Importing Who You Follow, Not Your Followers

This part’s important: Threads help you follow the same people you do on Instagram, but it’s a one-way street. Just like you can’t force your favourite celeb to follow you back, you can’t automatically transfer your followers to Threads.

So, while you can keep up with your favourite Instas, your followers need to hop over to Threads on their own accord. It’s about rebuilding your follower base, but on a new platform this time.

Aussie Threads Followers: Building Your New Community

Building your community on Threads from the ground up can be as thrilling as a weekend adventure in the Outback. You might start with just a handful of followers, but it’s all about quality, not quantity.

Threads is still new on the block, so patience is key. In time, you could end up with a more engaged and personal community than your Insta crowd. It’s like planting a garden – it takes time and care, but the results can be rewarding.


So, that’s the go with moving followers from Instagram to Threads. While it’s not a direct transfer, it’s an opportunity to create something fresh and more personal. Encourage your Insta followers to join you on Threads with unique and engaging content. Embrace the chance to start anew and build a community that resonates with the real you. Good luck, and enjoy the journey on Threads!

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