Instagram Comments An Ultimate Guide Hide, Pin, Edit & More!

Best Instagram Comments Guide: Everything You Need to Know

As a dominant social media platform, Instagram has become crucial to personal and business digital strategies. However, the role of Instagram comments often needs to be considered, even though they’re pivotal in enhancing engagement and visibility.

The Power of Instagram Comments

Comments on Instagram do more than create a space for conversation. They act as indicators of active user engagement, helping build a vibrant community around your brand. The Instagram algorithm also favours posts with numerous comments, increasing visibility. Moreover, authentic comments from real users enhance the credibility of your posts, attracting more potential followers.

Strategies to Encourage More Comments on Instagram

Boosting comments on Instagram requires strategic planning:

  1. Post High-Quality Content: The better your content, the more likely users will be inspired to engage. Quality content evokes emotions and encourages users to share their thoughts and experiences.
  2. Invite Interactions: Encourage responses by posing questions in your captions. Run interactive sessions like Q&As, polls, or contests to boost engagement.
  3. Engage with Your Audience: Make it a point to respond to comments on your posts. This engagement makes your followers feel valued and sparks further conversations.

How to Edit, Pin, and Hide Comments

Instagram provides several tools to manage comments on your posts effectively:

  • Pinning Comments: Pinning comments allows you to highlight important or valuable responses, guiding the tone of the conversation and promoting positive interactions.
  • Deleting Comments: Instagram does not currently support comment editing. However, you can delete and repost a comment with the necessary changes. To delete a comment, swipe left and tap on the trash icon.
  • Hiding Comments: To maintain the quality of your post’s conversation, you can hide inappropriate or irrelevant comments. To do this, tap on the comment, and then on the dotted icon in the top right corner, select ‘Hide Comment’.
  • Posting GIFs in Comments: Want to express your thoughts with a GIF? Tap on the GIF option in the comment box, search for a GIF in the GIPHY panel, and tap to post it.
  • Using an Instagram Comment Picker: If you’re running a contest on Instagram, an Instagram comment picker can help you randomly choose a winner. There are various online tools available for this purpose.
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The Game-Changing Benefits of Buying Instagram Comments

When you purchase Instagram comments for your posts, it effectively increases your engagement rate and makes your account appear more active. Moreover, it can help attract more organic engagement, as posts with numerous comments are more likely to occur in users’ feeds.

Custom vs. Random Instagram Comments: What’s the Difference?

When buying Instagram comments, you can opt for custom or random words. Custom comments allow you to determine their content, ensuring they align with your post. On the other hand, random comments are pre-written and may not directly relate to your content.

Using AI for Instagram Comments

In the age of artificial intelligence, even Instagram comments can be powered by AI. Several tools are available that can generate contextually relevant and engaging remarks for your posts. Using AI for Instagram comments saves you time while ensuring consistent post engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Comments

Why aren’t my Instagram comments showing up?

If you face a problem with adding new comments, here’s why there’s an error trying to add a comment on Instagram If you’re experiencing an issue where your Instagram comments aren’t showing up, there could be a few reasons. Instagram has community guidelines to ensure a safe and positive environment for its users. If your comments violate these guidelines, they may be hidden or removed by Instagram. Common reasons for comment invisibility include using inappropriate language, engaging in spammy behaviour, or posting content that violates Instagram’s policies. To avoid this, ensure your comments align with Instagram’s guidelines and maintain a respectful and authentic approach in your interactions.

Can I turn off comments on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram provides an option to disable comments on individual posts. This feature is handy to limit interactions or create a more focused narrative for a specific post. To turn off comments, follow these steps:

1.   Create a new post or go to an existing post.
2.   Before publishing the post, you’ll see the “Advanced Settings” option at the bottom of the screen.
3.   Tap on “Advanced Settings” and scroll down to find the “Turn Off Commenting” toggle switch.
4.   Toggle the button to enable comment disabling for that particular post.
5.   Once you’ve made the desired changes, publish the post without comments.

Additionally, Instagram also provides comment filters that allow you to automatically hide or block comments that contain specific words or phrases. These filters can help you moderate and control the type of comments that appear on your posts, ensuring a positive and safe environment for your audience.

Do Instagram comments help with engagement?

Absolutely! Instagram comments play a crucial role in enhancing engagement on your posts. When users leave comments, it signals active participation and interest in your content. This interaction increases your post’s visibility within the Instagram algorithm and encourages further engagement from other users. As more people engage with your comments section, it creates a sense of community and social proof, making your content more appealing and trustworthy to existing and potential followers. Therefore, encouraging and fostering meaningful conversations through comments can significantly boost your overall engagement on Instagram.

How can I use AI for Instagram comments?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significantly improved social media management, including Instagram comments. Various AI-powered tools and platforms can assist you in generating and managing comments for your Instagram posts. These tools utilize advanced algorithms and natural language processing techniques to create relevant and engaging comments based on the context of your post. AI-driven comment tools can save you time and effort by providing a pool of pre-written comments that you can choose from or customize according to your preference. They often analyze the content of your post, user engagement patterns, and other factors to generate comments that align with your brand’s voice and capture your audience’s attention.

Using AI for Instagram comments can be a valuable strategy to maintain a consistent level of engagement on your posts, especially when creating individualized comments for each post may be challenging.

How do I delete a comment on Instagram?

Deleting a comment on Instagram is a straightforward process. If you want to remove a comment from your post, follow these steps:

1.   Open the Instagram app on your mobile device and navigate to the post containing the comment you wish to delete.
2.   Locate the comment and swipe left on it. This action will reveal a set of options.
3.   Tap on the trash can icon that appears after swiping left. Instagram will prompt you to confirm the deletion.
4.   Confirm the deletion and the comment will be permanently removed from the post.

It’s important to note that it cannot be restored once a comment is deleted. Therefore, exercise caution when deleting comments to ensure that you are removing the intended content.

How do I comment on a GIF on Instagram?

To comment with a GIF on Instagram, you can follow these steps:

1.   Open the Instagram app on your mobile device and navigate to the post where you want to leave a comment.
2.   Tap on the comment box below the post to start typing a comment.
3.   Next to the comment box, you will see a “+” icon. Tap on it.
4.   It will open the GIF search panel. Use the search bar to find a GIF you want to comment with.
5.   Once you find the desired GIF, tap on it to add it to your comment.
6.   You can also add text alongside the GIF if you wish.
7.   Finally, tap the “Post” button to publish your comment with the GIF.

Adding a GIF to your comment can make it more expressive and engaging. It’s fun to interact with other Instagram users and enhance your comment conversations.

What is an Instagram comment picker, and how do I use it?

An Instagram comment picker is designed to select a comment from a specific Instagram post randomly. This tool is often used for contests, giveaways, or any situation where you must choose a winner fairly and impartially from the comments section of an Instagram post.

To use an Instagram comment picker:

1.   Find a reliable comment picker tool online. Various options are available, such as “Comment Picker” or “Random Comment Picker.”
2.   Open the tool and provide the URL of the Instagram post for which you want to select a comment winner.
3.   Set any additional criteria or filters if applicable (such as excluding duplicate entries or excluding comments from specific users).
4.   Click the “Pick a Winner” or similar button, and the tool will randomly select a comment from the post.

The selected comment will be displayed, and you can announce the winner based on the chosen comment.


Instagram comments are an integral part of a successful Instagram strategy. They foster community and play a significant role in boosting your visibility and credibility on the platform. Whether it’s effectively managing comments, buying Instagram comments, or leveraging AI for engaging responses, there are many strategies to ensure your Instagram game is on point.

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